Lending as an investment strategy 

At FTD we facilitate private lending as an alternative investment strategy for your idle capital!

Secured by our company-backed corporate guarantee on Australian real estate assets, FTD offers 1 & 2 year loan terms with interest paid monthly or compounded based on the individuals needs. With a minimum entry of $500,000.00, we work with individuals, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), companies and trusts.

Offering fixed income rates from 8.50% p.a -13.00% p.a. Regular monthly payments are paid direct into your nominated bank account, on the 1st of each month and the principal amount is then repaid in full at the end of the loan term.

At Fulfil the Dream, we have $448 million in current pipelined projects. Join us on this exciting journey to become a private lender today, and start earning lender interest rates today from 8.50% p.a.


There are 5 key reasons why you should consider becoming a private lender with FTD developments:

  1. High returns – earn from 8.50% p.a -13.00% p.a.
  2. Monthly or compound interest payments – paid direct into your nominated bank account
  3. Dedicated client relationship manager
  4. No hidden fees
  5. Secured against Australian real estate assets

FTD Developments Benefits

Successful Developments

Our track record speaks for itself with over 50 JV projects completed and $448 million in current pipelined projects.

Risk Mitigations

Conservative valuations and construction timeframes. The FTD business model has been used throughout our 10 years of operations delivering outstanding returns to our lenders and investors.


We develop a diverse range of property investments, which include subdivisions, luxury high-end builds, and medium density dwellings.

Service & Support

Access round-the-clock support from our dedicated relationship managers.

Become a Lender in five simple steps

We make it easy for you to become a lender with FTD.

Click here to register your interest

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    To qualify as an FTD lender, please take a moment to complete our Registration of Interest form.

    Minimum investment $500,000.00 – wholesale and sophisticated investors only.

    Registrations of Interest are accepted at the discretion of the FTD management team.

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    Your Registration of Interest is assigned to one of our dedicated client relationship managers, who will walk you through the FTD offer in detail. This client relationship manager will be your contact for the duration of the loan.

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    FTD offer 1 & 2 years terms. Intertest rates are based on the lender amount and duration of the term of the loan you select.

    FTD recommends seeking financial advice on which options best suit your individual needs.

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    Contracts are issued for both parties to approve & sign. FTD Developments recommend seeking independent legal and financial advice.

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    Upon the successful clearance of your funds transfer, your interest will start accruing. Interest payments are paid directly into your nominated bank account on the 1st of each month. Compounded interest payments are paid at the end of the term, along with full principal.  


Who can become a lender?

Any entity that is legally able to invest in Australia is eligible to our private lender opportunities. This assumes they meet the minimum investment requirements and have sought independent advice. Minimum investment $500,000.00 – wholesale and sophisticated investors only.


Individuals can invest using their personal capacity. However, not all individuals will be eligible for every offer.


Corporations can invest in our projects. Contractual agreements will be made in the name of the company.


Trustees can invest in our projects on behalf of the Trust they manage.


Some of our offers accept investment from self-managed superannuation funds.

Disclaimer: All investment offers are only for Wholesale clients unless otherwise noted. A Wholesale client must meet one of the five tests under sections 708, 761G and 761GA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) of Australia. Nothing in this document should be construed as personal advice, financial advice or tax advice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. You are recommended to obtain professional advice prior to making any investment decision to invest in any of these offers. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted by the Issuer, or their Directors for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on this information. Offer information is subject to change. This document and the information contained herein is the sole property of Fulfil The Dream, and no part can be distributed or reproduced without Fulfil The Dream’s written permission.

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